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About the Institute







To produce excellence in all our subjects while building the strengths necessary to be recognized as world leaders in selected area

         To fulfill the above aim there are 03 key strategic areas we plan to focus on.

         For this we specially giving the stress to connect our students directly to the market trends, needs and globalization.††


                    i.            An ensuring to maximize our performance in university

Trying to give maximum academic stuff to the students so that college can get good results

                  ii.            Building strength in selected subject area

In addition to all basics and fundamental subjects our main concerns are automobile & Mechanical (because of the automobile & Mechanical are only main stream of this diploma college) for this purpose college is facilitated with new technologies and ideas and required equipment in college to strengthen the students in main subject.


                iii.            Improving our research culture

Since it is the beginning step for studentís carrier we are trying to develop the research culture among the students so that their fundamental will be very clear and they can grasp all the steep point related to the subject. Due to this we can make our students more practical, responsible and ready stuff for the strong future of country.