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Medical Facility







Composite Hospital

The 100 Bedded Composite Hospital at Tekanpur is one of the first CPO’s Hospital under Composite Hospital Scheme sanctioned by Govt of India and became functional in November 1997. The Hospital caters to a large number of beneficiaries for their day to day medical needs along with the specialist treatment in specialties of Gynae/Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics and ENT.

Large number of retired BSF personnel and their families settled around the Academy campus, large number of trainees of basic/in-service courses, substantial floating population on other temporary duties to this Academy are the main beneficiaries.

We also extend emergency treatment to surrounding civil population on humanitarian grounds.

This Hospital is providing best equipped physiotherapy, occupational therapy to post operative trauma related cases for eg. Spinal injury cases resulting paraplegia, PIVD operated cases ligaments injuries, other disabled persons as a result of bullet injuries accidental injuries and exercises related injuries. These types of cases referred to CH from all field formations of BSF.

On an average the daily OPD in Hospital numbers to around 320 cases of mixed variety which occasionally touches 450 also. Average indoor occupancy rate of Hospital reaches about 50%.

Keeping in view preventive aspects, medical check up of all BSF personnel is carried out routinely, periodical sanitary round of Academy Campus carried out, water samples for drinking purpose taken from all sources to carry out polarity test. When ever cases of particular water born diseases, communicable diseases come into notice administrative authorities are informed in time for taking remedial and preventive measures. Circular regarding preventive measures relating to seasonal diseases are sent to all sub units of BSF Academy.

Health awareness programmes, immunization and blood donation campus and family planning campus organized at frequent intervals. Lecture to basic trainees about various health issues are delivered.

Providing Medical aid during out door exercises/arty firing, cross country and commando exercises.

Declared as Counseling Centre for HIV Project.

Physiotherapy Department
The Physiotherapy Department of BSF Composite Hospital, stated wef 24th Oct�1998. The department caters physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to the BSF personnel and their dependents.
The Physiotherapy Department of BSF composite Hospital provides the following services to its beneficiaries.

  1. Short Wave Diathermy
  2. Ultrasound Therapy
  3. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
  4. Interferential Therapy
  5. Continuous Passive Movements
  6. Intermittent/Constant Electronic Lumbar and Cervical Traction
  7. Infra Red Lamp
  8. Moist Heat Therapy
  9. Electrical Stimulation of Nerves and Muscles
  10. Exercise Therapy with a well established Exercise Therapy Unit
  11. Hydrotherapy
  12. Occupational Therapy

Approximately 40 treatment sessions are done every day with an annual turnover of approximately 10,000 sessions. The Department functions as a referral Institution for BSF personnel all over India. Patients are referred from BSF all over India for purpose of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

There is a composite hospital of BSF for the students of diploma Automobile Engineering for 24 hours look -after   with full of all the advanced apparatus.

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